“Perfect Tourists”

For awhile, this Halifax band’s next album looked as though it would be consigned to the same fate as Smile, the Beach Boys album that spent years struggling to emerge from limbo. But now, a mere seven years after he began working on it, Jason Michael MacIsaac — the last remaining original member of this orchestral-pop outfit — is weeks away from seeing it come to fruition. With the help of genre heavyweights Sondre Lerche and the High Lllamas’ Sean O’Hagan, along with Maritime luminary Jenn Grant, MacIsaac has created something that, based on this preview, makes its lofty aspirations — Frank Sinatra’s overlooked concept album Watertown (bit.ly/PvW1CA) and Van Dyke Parks’ Song Cycle (bit.ly/MeV6VG) have been mentioned as touchstones — far from far-fetched. (From Health, out July 30, bit.ly/11zp9FD)