Your perfume, as clean as the breeze
Diffused in air, it hit me just like a disease, child
And while you’re in the moors and the lochs
You watch the ocean’s hand caress the face of the rocks

And I wander through the city at night
Blowing in the breeze like a kite on fire
But you never come
And I’m searching for the riverboat

They crowd ’round me and keep me from you
The sound resounded but your voice, it cut through
And I just cannot find the hotel
I’m forgetting things I knew all so well

And I see the bullet holes in the church
And I have nothing to show for my search
And you never come
I’m waiting for my riverboat

Thread the stars together and fashion a rosary
And draw a bead for me
And draw a bead for the first mystery
Whisper in my ear might calm me down some
My head’s a steel drum
My head’s a steel drum for thee

A forsaken book melts in the rain
A broken gate sways in the wind again
And the rain it stains my glasses and hair
From Millennium Bridge to Trafalgar square

And I wander through the city tonight
Following the crumbs of bread like a guiding light
But you never come
To take me to my riverboat
Take me to my riverboat